Soothsayer predicts PM Gilani will stay safe and unharmed

What is Gilani's future?

What is Gilani's future?

Multan: Regardless of what political and legal experts say, one astrologist is confident that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani will be safe, whether the verdict is guilty or not.

Renowned palmist, astrologist and numerologist MM Hussain said there were chances that the premier would be awarded ‘minor punishment’ but these were small – only 30% in fact.

The cards and numbers all seem to favour the prime minister, Hussain insists.

The all important date, 26 April 2012 appeared close to the number 8, which has a “natural friendship” with 2 – the number representing PM Gilani. Thursday also appears to favour the number 2.

According to the astrologist, Rehman Malik’s cards indicated that his presence would not be of any help and may exacerbate the situation at the court today (Thursday). In fact, Hussain said that even more than Aitzaz Ahsan, the premier’s counsel himself, his biggest saviour was likely to be President Asif Ali Zardari.

Meanwhile, what may prove to be the prime minister’s good luck is that according to Hussain’s calculations, the chief justice and Nasir Mulk both have “soft hearts”.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 26th, 2012.