Spreading love in reaction to hate

A 17-year-old from Dallas, Texas was on his way to meet someone he met through an app called Offer Up to buy an iPhone 7 Plus last week. However, it turned out to be a scam as he was assaulted and robbed.

“I came by two guys for help and they ended up taking my phone,” said Ayman Arfa while speaking to BuzzFeed.

After he was assaulted, he came by a second group of people offering to help but they turned out to be in cahoots with the first set of robbers. They assaulted him a second time and stole his car.

He felt “extremely scared”, but the police and an ambulance came to his aid.

Arafa, who is still in recovery, was surprised by his friends. They gifted him an iPhone, a wallet with $400 and a car.

Waleed Mahdawi, one of Arafa’s friends told BuzzFeed they bought him everything out of brotherhood and generosity. “My group of friends and I decided we should reimburse him with everything that he had stolen from him.”

A dozen friends, mostly college students, chipped in to surprise Arafa. “We want to make a difference in our community and we want to send out a message that love truly beats hate,” added Mahdawi.

Arafa says he is “truly blessed” to have his friends. “But I wasn’t expecting for them to bring me everything that I lost,” he added.

PHOTO: Twitter @aymanarafa81

PHOTO: Twitter @aymanarafa81

“At the end of the day I want everyone to know that as Muslims we were always taught to be kind and generous towards every human being,” said Mahdawi.

“We think that setting an example for everyone on social media can truly set the tone for other people,” he added further.

People on Twitter couldn’t handle the loyalty between this group of friends.

People also wished they were part of this squad:

While others lamented that their friends would never do this..

This story originally appeared on BuzzFeed.