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Ali Zafar demands public clarification from Junaid

Junaid Jamshed is in the spotlight again and not for a good reason. After facing severe criticism over his recent sexist remark, the pop

Well done Ali Zafar for helping Pakistani Squash player

Noorena Shams could not believe the fact that it was her ‘real hero’ Ali Zafar who helped her out with sponsorship, so that she

Is Bollywood better off with Pakistani artists?

News of the cancellation of scheduled concerts by Ali Zafar and classical singer Javed Bashir in India in the wake of cross-border tension has

How is Bollywood Islamophobic?

By Bhakti V Recently, I read a blog on The Express Tribune entitled “Bollywood, please stop demonising Muslims” by Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani. Had the article written

Pakistani stars raising funds for Mehdi Hassan

The ailing ghazal maestro doesn’t have enough money to pay his medical bills. Ali Zafar and Salman Ahmad are raising funds to help him