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India’s Asia problem

Many observers tend to assume that India will play a large and growing part as a great power in a wider ‘Indo-Pacific’ strategic system,

The ever increasing poor in America

America is a country that is now utterly divided when it comes to its society, its economy, its politics. There are definitely two Americas.

Why US drone policy is counter productive

WHEN THE Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released its “torture report” in December 2014, it reignited the battle over the George W. Bush administration’s

From 1980 till Date – How many Muslims countries have been US target

“The Intercept“- Barack Obama, in his post-election press conference yesterday,announced that he would seek an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from the new Congress,

How racism also hurts the supposed beneficiaries

by TANYA GOLASH-BOZA In a recent interview, David Leonard argued that white people do not suffer from the structural violence that white supremacy creates. He contends: