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Kashmiris face death as India continues its barbaric oppression and use of force

Up to 30 innocent Kashmiris killed, several hundred injured as protesters seeking freedom from Indian rule ignore curfew, storm airbase near Srinagar, set police

Israel considers itself above law, extra-judicial killings

While Israel has a gag order on reporting details of its policy, many groups accuse soldiers of shooting-to-kill. With the Palestinian death rate climbing

11 year old boy on trial in Bahrain for assisting protesters

By Saeed Kamali Dehghan At a time when most 11-year-old boys are looking forward to the school holidays, Ali Hasan is preparing for his trial.

Amnesty International steps in to save Shia prisoners

DUBAI: Amnesty International on Monday urged Saudi Arabia to free Shia prisoners arrested for taking part in “peaceful” protests and those detained without charge in

Balochistan, Pakistan’s other war

The US Congress held a hearing on Balochistan this week. If this seems strange, that’s because it is. The US holding hearings on Balochistan