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Not realizing that the protesters “protesting” on the streets of Pakistan don’t have access to high speed internet nor the knowledge and expertise to

The new refined version of Samsung Galaxy Note

By HARRY MCCRACKEN If you find the very idea of Samsung’s Galaxy Note — the tablet-like phone with a humongous 5.3″ screen and a pen for note-taking

Samsung’s Galaxy S II becomes company’s quickest selling phone

Samsung sold three million of its original Galaxy S phone in 85 days. A few months later, a full ten million had been moved.

Google Steps Up Its Search Engine Game

Google makes one of the world’s leading mobile operating systems. It does e-mail and an office suite and photo sharing and Internet phone service,

The next Android – Ice Cream Sandwich

The next Android phone version Ice Cream Sandwich has one clear motive: to put a stop to having dozens (ok, under ten) different versions