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Failed by Congress, Indian Muslims try BJP

The growing warming up of Indian Muslims to BJP with the beginning of Modi-era is surely a watershed development in Indian politics.That the alleged

More plans to come

The fearless leader of the PTI, Mr Cornered Tiger himself, recently announced a “Plan C” for the removal of Mian Nawaz Sharif. As originally

The need for a compromise between the HEC and critical thinking

Why does one go to a university? This is a question very few of us ask ourselves even though all of us should. Is

MS partners with Dropbox for Cloud Office Apps

Microsoft has cozied up to Dropbox with a new partnership. Soon you’ll be able to easily access, save, share, and collaborate on your Office

Corruption becoming a system

SOME argue that corruption, seen as ‘speed money’, ‘price of information’, or ‘kickbacks’, is not a big issue in any economy/ society. It is