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The connection between ISIS and US-led coalition

(By Sharmine Narwani) It’s been a bad time for foes of ISIS. Islamic State scored a neat hat-trick by invading strategic Ramadi in Iraq’s mainly

Peace talks without peace

Hurrah! Lets celebrate! Lets sing and dance with joy! Lets all sing in praise of our blessed leaders… for they have found a way

Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you

It seems Mr Sehbai is not clear in his own mind about the role he wants the Army to play. He blames Gen Kayani

24 Pakistani Soldiers Martyred By NATO / ISAF Forces

PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD NATO helicopters and fighter aircraft attacked two Pakistani military checkpoints along Afghan border in a pre-dawn attack on Saturday, killing up to 26

FBI, Army, Islam & Terrorism: The Stupid Connection

To fix its troubled counterterrorism training, the FBI is calling in the cavalry. The Bureau has turned to the Army’s Combating Terrorism Center at