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Three burnt to death in India

Three members of an Indian family burnt to death after a mob locked them in their house and set it on fire following rumours

USA incapable of recognizing its “enemies”, Sikhs get beaten up

The bearded man in the blue turban was attacked before dawn on 26 December, while waiting for a ride to work. Two white males

Lawyer belonging to minority Shia sect shot dead in Karachi

A senior lawyer from the minority Shia sect who was also a counsel for several activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was shot

When Netanyahu’s options run out

Benjamin Netanyahu believes he has just one job, and that is to stop Iran from getting hold of nuclear weapons. He might argue that

Charlie Hebdo doing more well now than ever

First it was 1 million copies. Then it was 3 million. Then 5 million. Now the publisher of Charlie Hebdo says it is printing