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Hundreds flock to support Qadri as he appeals against sentence

Mumtaz Qadri appealed on Tuesday against his death sentence for murdering Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer who sought reform of blasphemy laws, as hundreds rallied

Living in fear – A crumbling society

Most stories, real or fictional, carry an antagonist and a protagonist. What sets the whole thing apart is the definition of who is who,

Christian couple accused of ‘Desecrating Quran’ beaten to death

An enraged mob beat a Christian couple to death and burnt their bodies in the brick kiln where they worked on Tuesday for allegedly

Blasphemy case filed against lawyers in Kotwali

The Kotwali police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) under Section 295/A of the Pakistan Penal Code (blasphemy law) against eight nominated and

Punitive actions recommended for false accusers of blasphemy

Discussing the Badami Bagh incident in Lahore, the Senate Standing Committee on National Harmony on Thursday recommended stern punishment for people involved in making