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Karachi a victim of corruption and greed

(By FAHIM ZAMAN, NAZIHA SYED ALI ) There’s Bollywood music blaring from somewhere. The tables at an outdoor tea stall are packed and waiters rush

India’s Hindu extremists have ways to silence the free thinkers

(By Pankaj Mishra) Author Roy is facing imprisonment in India. Of course, Narendra Modi’s government has left no clear fingerprints on this scene of

Re-thinking Pakistan

(By Mosharraf Zaidi) Pakistanis have become so accustomed to walks of shame that we surprise even our closest and dearest friends when we walk away,

Bollywoods love of Pakistani actors

(By Nandhini) Bollywood is full of actors from our neighbouring country Pakistan. It is not about boundaries any more. Talent is recognised and taken

The idealist utopia, crushing Asian children

Bollywood’s biggest international success, after many expensive and absurd attempts to break through abroad, was the 2009 film “3 Idiots.” Based on a novel