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From the ugliness of terrorism comes out the beauty of humanity

Pakistan has too often witnessed the devastating ugliness of terrorism. A country once completely safe, where children could go to schools, playgrounds, ride their

Don’t weep for me, Mama

“Mama, I sat there alone, trembling with fear that the men in the heavy black boots were coming for me next. Mama, I wanted

Breaking the vicious cycle

Concerns regarding the kind of expenditure that Eid demands start as soon as Ramadan begins. For daily wage workers and households that are able

Children of the streets

By Madeeha Ansari Every day, I shake my finger at a little boy struggling to spray water on the windshield of my car. He is

The Status of Child Rights in Pakistan

Children’s rights were first ever redressed by law in Pakistan in the 1952 Punjab Children Act and in the 1955 Sindh Children Act. This