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The SC shouldn’t censor media through contempt of court charges

Broad Contempt Powers Used to Censor Press. Pakistan’s judges should cease using their contempt of court powers to prevent the media from airing programming

When will we attain Independence of Judiciary

By Sardar Mohammad Raza Khan Not merely an abstract idea After forty years of serving as a judge, I still ponder and reflect as

Pakistan Police: Improving performance through legislative reforms

A series of unfortunate events have brought Pakistan to a position where it is in a continuous state of war. It is currently fighting

The geek’s guide to trouble-shooting Pakistan

I am a certified computer geek. I think and speak in computer lingo. I view the world and its affairs in terms of computer

Islam: No punishment for blasphemy

By Hassan Naqvi Blasphemy law has been hovering the free soul spirits now and again, drifting back into the formation of this law, heads