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Massive kickback received by Dr Asim

In its first official and detailed report on the high-profile interrogation of Asif Ali Zardari’s right hand man Dr Asim Hussain since his arrest

Questiong Zardari’s Corruption Ventures

A former deputy chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Hassan Wasim Afzal, on Wednesday told a court that the original record in the

HONY’s last words on Pakistan

Imagine that every time you have a lapse in judgment, it gets printed in newspapers around the world: every time you lose patience with

Exposed but shameless politicians

By Syed Talat Hussain Pakistan’s political progress can be likened to a rocking chair: moves much but doesn’t go anywhere. Most explanations of this state

FIA crackdown continues despite political concerns

The country’s security czar has made it clear to the Sindh government that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will continue its crackdown against corrupt