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PIA: To Fly or Not to Fly

As if the financial woes afflicting the National Flag Carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), were not enough the airline has in recent months been

The Automotive Industry Mafia in Pakistan

Anyone buying a new car in Pakistan is faced with the specter of ‘On Money’. This is the ‘premium’ you have to pay to

Pak Finance Minister’s volatile confessions

(By Ayaz Amir) Oh, that moment of weakness if only it could be forgotten when Isaac called for pen and paper and in his

Some events in December 2016

Starting with #WorldAidsDay, December features Human Rights Day, Christmas and several African independence days. While it is difficult to predict what will be the

Sharif family discloses Qatri prince gave money for London flats

(By Hasnaat Malik) Submitting documentary evidence on the ‘legitimacy’ of their assets before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his