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No check on corruption in India

The former Chief Whip of the ruling coalition in Kerala, Mr. P. C. George, has released a letter to the media, which he has

A Pakistani religious scholar’s view on Taliban

By Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Polytheism, disbelief and apostasy are indeed grave crimes; however, no human can punish another human being for these crimes. This

Tackling honor killings

By Rabail Baig A plastic grocery bag is probably one of the most generously hoarded items in any Pakistani home. Ours all the way

Inside the Kidnappers Mind

Just like all the other crimes, this one is a part and parcel of life in Karachi. Hearing about a case of abduction did not really

What is it about Oakland’s 99%

The streets of Oakland, a California city of about 400,000, became a battle ground again on Saturday, as police showed excessive force in their response to