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A failure from all sides

There are moments in life when everything loses its meaning and words become shallow. Today is that day when over 130 children, in a

Militants on the retreat as Karachi Operation picks pace

The on-going offensive by Karachi’s security forces is crippling militant and criminal networks, security officials say, citing various successes. Security officials have arrested thousands

Gang involved in Shahzeb Bhatti murder arrested

Police have arrested an eight-member gang of criminal for involvement in many cases of terrorism and former federal minister Shahbaz Bahtti’s murder in Islamabad.

Security situation getting out of control

By TARIQ KHOSA IT is time to note the voice of anguish and desperation of senior police commanders. “The more serious problem in Pakistan is


Several interesting developments seem to be taking place as the post election scenario moves to the swearing in of the new federal and provincial