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Karachi: dengue toll rises to 701

As many as 37 more dengue viral fever cases were reported from Karachi city in a week increasing the patients toll to 701 in

How animal and human health is inextricably interwoven

By Ayyaz Kiani  Animal and human health is inextricably interwoven. Food derived from animals, especially cattle serve as a reservoir of diseases of public

Students display Dengue awareness in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) on Wednesday arranged poster exhibition to create awareness among people of dengue virus. More than 50 students from government schools

Hygienic lifestyle can help prevent dengue

by Ahmad Mehdi Good hygiene can help prevent dengue Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Professor Dr Tariq Salahuddin has said that only hygienic lifestyle can

Headless Chicken Syndrome

A mob is only as smart as its dimmest member. If the political discourse is anything to go by,our society is under attack from