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Modi’s lost moment to emulate Thatcher

(By Tunku Varadarajan) Watching Narendra Modi govern India, one laments a lost opportunity. His victory in May last year had offered independent India its

Angry Bilawal

Bilawal leaves Pakistan, not to lead PPP election campaign http://dawn.com/2013/03/26/bilawal-leaves-pakistan-not-to-lead-ppp-election-campaign/   Bilawal Bhutto leaves Pak after tiff with Zardari over PPP affairs http://ibnlive.in.com/news/bilawal-bhutto-leaves-pak-after-tiff-with-zardari-over-ppp-affairs/381324-56.html#.UVFoqfbD3b0.facebook My

Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you

It seems Mr Sehbai is not clear in his own mind about the role he wants the Army to play. He blames Gen Kayani


By Ghalib Sultan Lahore hosted diplomats and other foreign dignitaries including the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey at the launch of the new metro