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No end to load shedding, Sharif families get Rs 8400000 generators

(By Hassan Naqvi and Manik Aftab) Generators were installed at 96-H and 180-H Model Town. At a time when Pakistan is passing through a

No nuclear leak danger from K2, K3

A seminar at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) posed the question of whether nuclear power is a sustainable solution to the energy crises being

The role of the energy crisis

PAKISTAN’S energy crisis may upstage terrorism as a major security threat faced by the country. Long duration of load-shedding in the blistering heat has

Behold! Extra Virgin Airways to the rescue

So, we now have a women-only bus service. That makes sense. Given the piddling issues of mass unemployment, insecurity, a weak economy and the energy

The people of Pakistan demand answers

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja The new regime has been handed down a huge mess and is at a loss where to start from