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There’s something about Pakeezah

By Raza Ali Sayeed “Aap ke paon dekhey, Bahut haseen hain, Inhen zameen par mat utariyega, Mailey ho jayengey.” If a list was made

Hundreds of websites join the anti PIPA/SOPA protests

WASHINGTON: Wikipedia, Google and hundreds of other websites staged online protests Wednesday against US legislation targeting Internet piracy of movies and music and the

Tennis under a cloud of drones?

In a bid to bring sporting action to war-stricken Waziristan, the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is planning to hold an event in the mountainous

Mehr Angez: California’s Afghan pop star

Mehr Angez, bestowed with both beauty and talent for singing, is knocking on the door of stardom with her debut single “Awargi”. The song

Quantum Leaps of the Mind

How is it that the Pakistani perception can jump from the resignation (or non-reappointment, rather) of the Foreign Minister, to a case of diplomatic