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Zukerberg showcases exciting new features for Facebook

The Facebook CEO criticized Trump’s ‘fearful’ anti-immigration rhetoric at the annual F8 developer event: ‘Instead of building walls we can help build bridges’ Mark

The creepy Facebook experiment

(By Caitlin Dewey) Facebook’s explosive study on user feelings and the newsfeed reads like something straight out of a bad sci-fi movie. There’s “emotional

Will Facebook owned Instagram surpass Twitter?

In case you missed it, Twitter (TWTR) is having big problems as a public company. They don’t have a problem with their core product.  Its users

Is Facebook flirting with Fascism?

Is Facebook flirting with fascism? The question might prove difficult to answer with a resounding “yes or no,” but, to those who have been

Why BlackBerry is history

“A tech giant rises – another falls,” said the front-page headline on the Financial Times. It juxtaposed Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO), which is set to