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A mother’s tale

Some stories prove that a life lived not for yourself, but for other people, can be more fulfilling than anything else you could have

Stand united against promotion of Indian films in Pakistan

At a press conference by the United Producers Association (UPA) on Monday, actors voiced their opinions and ideas regarding the current situation of the

Young people urged to be passionate about their goals

By Obaid Abrar Khan Islamabad The News International The ‘Junior Youth Summit 2010’ held at the International Grammar School & College (IGSC), Islamabad, gathered

New broadband satellite offers hope to rural areas

Rural areas could get connection of up to 10mbps early next year thanks to Hylas, a new broadband satellite By Matt Warman The Telegraph

Government’s apathy towards education

Letter to the Editor, Daily Times By Dr. Sunil Chohan, Jamshoro Sir: My friend, who belongs to the lower class, has passed the entry test