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Pakistan energy sector to benefit from Japan’s Rs 5 billion help

The Government of Japan would provide a concessional loan of JPY 5 billion approximately Rs5 billion to Pakistan for supporting the energy sector reforms.An

Our Nation’s website, a National Embarrassment

I tried to be objective; I tried to look at it neutrally, but let’s face it, Pakistan’s official government website is a disgrace. Building a website

Pneumonia Vaccine being introduced today

By Sehrish Wasif ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan, in collaboration with international donors, is set to introduce the much-awaited Pneumococcal Vaccine in the Expanded Programme on

Ravaged by Instability, Censorship and Firewalls

The Government of Pakistan has decided that they need state-of-the-art infrastructure to quickly and effectively censor up to 50 million websites. I respect the

New Source of Crude Oil found in Pakistan

We had always heard that Pakistan was home to natural resource wonders but recently we saw a proof of it when around 8 oil