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Afghanistan becoming breeding ground of IS militants

(By MICHAEL R. GORDON) The Islamic State is establishing “little nests” in Afghanistan, adding to the complex array of threats confronting Afghan forces and

Why is our government reluctant to face the real issues

(By Arif Nizami) Our foreign policy establishment claims ad-nauseam that there is no ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and al-Sham) in Pakistan. In the

Malik Siraj Akbar – Terrorist Poodle

Of late a Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar is proving to be quite the jack in the box; popping up right on time with an

India asked by US to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan

Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper reported that in May this year, the U.S. handed over to Pakistan over 14 combat aircraft, 59 military trainer jets and

Narrative that can defeat terrorists

The closer you want to get to eradicating the menace of terrorism, the bigger this menace seems to get. For the past week, following