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Kaghan Memorial Trust – Sponsor a Child

The Kaghan Memorial Trust (KMT) is looking for individuals and organizations to sponsor the children studying at the Kaghan Memorial School (KMS). This school

How racism also hurts the supposed beneficiaries

by TANYA GOLASH-BOZA In a recent interview, David Leonard argued that white people do not suffer from the structural violence that white supremacy creates. He contends:

Reproduction in Sino political discourse

When I was seven, I met my father’s youngest sister for the first time. She lived in the same village where her siblings were

Fast Food: making you fat even faster

It’s time to chose quality over convenience. The not so recent rage over fast food hit Pakistan more than a decade ago when finally

Tips to avoid dust allergies

Due to the prevailing dry weather conditions, people are suffering from dust allergy, especially those living alongside busy roads and crowded markets.