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Can Pakistan’s election system be fixed?

(By Naeem Sadiq) Fast forward to May 2018. Riots erupt in all major towns of Pakistan after the announcement of the election results. Political

Change is possible but not easy

(By Dr Atta-ur-Rahman) Winds of change are now blowing across the landscape of Pakistan. The corrupt are being caught by the forces led by General

To keep the ship afloat

(By Babar Sattar) How do you stay optimistic about the prospects of your country when the naked truth paints a dark picture? Is living in

Revising the curriculum

THE latest flurry of efforts to make changes in the curricula for the various categories of students offers little hope for the emergence of

Javed Laghari found guilty of plagiarism but cannot be punished

A former head of the country’s higher education watchdog has been found ‘guilty’ of academia’s greatest crime — plagiarism. A probe committee has found