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Obama – Guilty of refugees’ deaths

CRISTÓBAL, a 16-year-old Honduran refugee fleeing a drug gang that wants to kill him, has never heard of anyone named Barack Obama. Neither can

USA points at the human rights abuses by Indian law enforcement agencies

Abuses by the police and security forces are the most significant human rights problem in India, the US State Department said today in a

India sees Kashmir freedom as start of its inevitable disintegration

(By Deepika Iyer) “If Kashmiris want to get separated from India, let them do it! How long should we keep this issue nagging us?

Women Rights: Pakistani Civil Society stands against extremist religious parties

The Women Action Forum (WAF) expressed shock and outrage at the way the Punjab government has allegedly succumbed to pressure from the religious lobby

South Sudan no less tragic than Syria

The answer is we don’t know, because the data aren’t reliable, especially for South Sudan. But as I write in my column, it’s possible