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From “Incredible” to “Extremist” India

Who was Muhammad Akhlaq? He was a young hard working Muslim living in a village in India. One day the village priest told the

The mother of all ironies

While Pakistan is engaged in an extremely difficult war against terrorism and is making commendable progress in rooting out the menace, few self-proclaimed ‘patriotic

Indian court legalizes marriage with minors

DELHI: A court in the country’s capital stirred up controversy when it said on Monday that marraige with an underage girl was permissible under

Brahmans take over Cricket in India

By Pankaj Mishra  Since its inauguration in 2008, the Indian Premier League, India’s biggest sporting and television spectacle, has often been on the front rather than the

Stand Up for the Real Champions

The fixation we have with comparing ourselves to Incredible India has been served. In news that comes partly as surprise and partly as reconfirmation