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Kashmir, Nehru and Jinnah

To hold Jinnah “solely responsible” for the Kashmir dispute is, of course, sheer calumny but sentiment and ethics apart, it is also a breathtakingly

Dealing with Burma: Reality versus Rumor

July 12th: According to ‘some’ international news agencies: 500 villages torched, thousands killed by Buddhist mobs and the Burmese army. July 16th: The photos,

Interview with Imran Khan: On his marriage, religion and politics

Pakistani politician and former cricket captain Imran Khan talked to NDTV about his new book, his very public divorce, and what he feels about

Advani: bring back black money stashed away abroad

MUMBAI: Bharatiya Janata Party leader L.K. Advani on Sunday welcomed the Supreme Court’s move to make public the details of black money stashed away

Bigg Boss, Big Hopes

A Pakistani “damsel” sells out to Bollywood “Don’t call it soft power”, s/he says, “it’s the real deal” My big Bollywood dream was sabotaged