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Collection and collectors – The flawed tax system

At a time when the parallel economy is booming and influential groups and sectors appear as untouchable as ever, government efforts to document the

Gas Prices: Tariff up by 67%

The government increased on Monday natural gas tariff by four to 67 per cent for different categories. It also raised tax rates on all

Germany refuses to pay Greece €279bn

Athens officially quantifies sum which includes repayment of forced loan and return of archaeological treasures Greece’s deputy finance minister has said that Germany owes

Despite energy woes Pakistan’s economy hits 8-year high

Pakistan plans to boost growth to an eight-year high as the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif battles electricity shortages that have undermined South Asia’s second-biggest economy.

MNA’s hit by price hikes, demand 20% increment: Manzoor Watoo

“Finance Minister Ishaq Dar should announce a 20 per cent in salaries of government employees and pensioners because they have been badly affected by