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Iran’s halal internet

By Jillian C. York Any attempt to block the social networks Iranians have become accustomed to would surely backfire, writes author. For months, against the


Not realizing that the protesters “protesting” on the streets of Pakistan don’t have access to high speed internet nor the knowledge and expertise to

Ravaged by Instability, Censorship and Firewalls

The Government of Pakistan has decided that they need state-of-the-art infrastructure to quickly and effectively censor up to 50 million websites. I respect the

Wikileaks: Stratfor emails reveal low-grade intelligence on Iran

The leaked info from rent-a-spy agency Statfor both highlights the intel that Israeli forces wiped out Iran’s nuclear infrastructure – and casts doubts on

Internet, an outlet for young teens and Barack Obama

The Obama White House announced Monday that, in conjunction with tonight’s State of the Union address, it’s going to be holding what the kids are