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Taiwanese sue Apple for $670,000

Apple has been fined by Taiwanese authorities for meddling with the price of the iPhone. Taiwan’s communications watchdog slapped the Cupertino titan with a

Tablet shipments to increase by 17.7% in second half of 2013

By Jim Hsiao Tablet shipments in the second half are expected to reach 82.07 million units, up 17.7% on year; however, several changes will also

Why the shift to tablets has become inevitable

Laptop makers not focused on producing attractive tablets may want to re-evaluate that strategy. According to an IDC report issued on Monday, tablets will begin

Apple to launch iPhone 5 in a week!

By JENNIFER DUDLEY-NICHOLSON IT’S on – After months of speculation, Apple appeared to confirm the date of its next iPhone launch as September 12

No holding Apple back

Apple has filed a fresh patent infringement action in the United States against Samsung, alleging that the South Korean company is continuing to steal