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Impact of massive corruption allegations

(By Dr Shireen Mazari) Corruption revealed weakens those who stand exposed, which is why the Panama Papers have seen leaders either defend themselves against

ISI to play major role in cyber crime fight

(By Zahid Gishkori) The government has accepted a proposal by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to let its operatives take pre-emptive action against individuals and

Can Kashmir struggle challenge the whole concept of India?

(By Shashank Joshi) Just under eighteen months ago, Kashmir looked to be at a turning point. State elections in 2014 produced an unlikely coalition

India’s intentions after the Pathankot incident

(By Sajjad Shaukat) In the aftermath of the terror attack at Indian Air Force Base in Pathankot, on January 2, this year, which resulted into the

The absurdness unlimited

Mr Dhruva Jaishankar’s article — The Definition of Insanity is US Af-Pak Strategy — is perfectly in line with the current anti-Pakistan insanity sweeping India. What