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Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan and more

(By Dr. TT Sreekumar) Jinnah’s image as an adamant fighter for a separate Muslim Homeland and hence as someone responsible for the division of India

Jinnah versus Nehru: What our history books don’t teach us

“Oh Jinnah sahib? Suna hai ke woh Nehru ki takkar ke thay.” (Oh, Mr Jinnah? I have heard that he was quite the equivalent

Was Secularism Part of Jinnah’s Vision for Pakistan?

In India, we tend to forget the crimes committed against humanity by either the British or the Muslim rulers before them or the Muslim

The Spirit of Pakistan Resolution

The father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, once said, “We are a nation, with our distinctive culture and civilisation, names and nomenclature,

Pakistan: Our National Purpose

The national resilience of the Pakistani people is to be judged by the degree of their consciousness and commitment to guard their values, traditions