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An Appraisal Of Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry

TV Shows And Music Arts Have Left Cinema Far Behind Pakistan’s entertainment industry has been on a continuous path of decline for the past

Pakistan Eid Blockbusters

Two major Pakistani and Urdu feature films; Love mein Ghum and Bhai Log are slated to release this Eid-ul-Fitr, the success or failure of which will define the

Pakistani band Sachal tops US music charts

A group of ageing musicians from Lahore has pulled off the unlikely feat of racing up jazz charts in the US, thanks to an

2010 ends with no hopes for revival of Pakistan’s fledgling film industry

Despite the foremost efforts of Film Producers and Directors, Senate and National Assembly Standing Committees on Culture, Ministry of Culture and Central Board of

Pakistan’s film industry and cinema culture

The death of Pakistani cinema A curled moustache, a devious smile followed by booming evil laughter and the villain of a Pakistani film has