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MQM Divides

The MQM – which once upon a time stood as a unified representation for Pakistan’s Muhajir community, now finds itself divided and largely in

Ishart removed as governor, links to terrorism

Justice (retd) Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui took oath on Friday as the 31st Governor of Sindh, two days after Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan was removed from his position.

Waiting for the monster to fall

(By Ahmed Bilal) “Pakistan is cancer for the entire world,” Altaf Hussain said. “Pakistan is a headache for the entire world. Pakistan is the

Has MQM finally killed itself?

The incidents in Karachi where some members of a political party attacked media houses resulting in loss of life and property are highly condemnable.

From assassin to saint – Qadri’s execution

(By KHURRAM HUSAIN ) TRY and remember the last time you saw a crowd in Liaquat Bagh as large as the one we just