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Has MQM finally killed itself?

The incidents in Karachi where some members of a political party attacked media houses resulting in loss of life and property are highly condemnable.

From assassin to saint – Qadri’s execution

(By KHURRAM HUSAIN ) TRY and remember the last time you saw a crowd in Liaquat Bagh as large as the one we just

Karachi Op to gain momentum

(By Abdul Manan) Top civil and military leaders have decided to speed up the surgical operation in Karachi which has apparently slowed down in

MQM Chief still banned from making speeches – SC

(By Sohail Khan) Justice Qazi Faiz Isa says nobody can be deprived of freedom of expression if made in a right manner; if someone

The bumpy path of war against terror

(By Asif Haroon Raja) By the time PPP regime took over in March 2008 Fazlullah had created a state within state in Swat and