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Isareli Mossad agent killed, Natanyahu reacts foolishly

An Israeli source confirms a rumor that has circulated in Israeli media circles, that one of the Israelis murdered at the Jewish museum in Brussels worked

Target killings and murders must be differentiated

KARACHI: Target killing and enmity claimed four lives in Karachi on Wednesday,Express News reported. Unknown men opened fire in Machar Colony and killed 17-year-old Yousuf, while

India: 7 year-old girl sacrificed to the gods

A seven-year-old Indian girl was murdered in a tribal sacrifice and her liver offered to the gods to improve crop growth, police in the

Murdered, chopped up, cooked: Woman arrested for cooking husband

Zainab tried a new ingredient for Qorma yesterday – her husband. It was the olfactory insult that brought the police to her door. The