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A committee for all the committees

One would have to be out of one’s mind to think that Asif Zardari would be interested in anything like genuine accountability. He and

Pakistan readies for its war against corruption

(By Tom Hussain) Pakistan must focus on the eradication of corruption because it fuels the poverty that generates recruits for terrorism. As a young democracy,

Imran Khan talks about political corruption and Panama Leaks

(By Homa Khaleeli) The cricket star turned politician hopes the tax leaks will be the downfall of Pakistan’s prime minister. As he battles elitism,

Lessons to be learnt

(By Farhan Bokhari) The country cannot overcome its current challenges without a radical turnaround in the way it is being governed. Commemorations surrounding the

From assassin to saint – Qadri’s execution

(By KHURRAM HUSAIN ) TRY and remember the last time you saw a crowd in Liaquat Bagh as large as the one we just