North Waziristan Archive

Looking beyond Zarb-e-Azb

Pakistani ground forces began their assault into the Shawal Valley, the final substantial militant stronghold in North Waziristan, in August. Shawal represents an endgame

Police arrest hardened terrorists near Manshera

The local police claimed to have arrested a terrorist group, which had planned to target Ashura processions and attack foreigners associated with the China-Pakistan

Change is possible but not easy

(By Dr Atta-ur-Rahman) Winds of change are now blowing across the landscape of Pakistan. The corrupt are being caught by the forces led by General

Christine Fair’s tilted discourse

It seems that propaganda against Pakistan has become pastime activity with so called intellectuals of the US who know very little about actual conditions

The state’s gradual capture of the feminist narrative

The latest response to the attack on students in Peshawar has rekindled hypernationalist discourse in Pakistan, which in turn, is being strategically used by