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Lahore:Massive increase in sexual crimes and violence against women

(By Muhammad Shahzad) There has been steep rise in cases of sexual violence against women in Lahore in the past three years, according to

Extremist mullah calls women protection bill “un-Islamic”

A prominent cleric in Pakistan termed the “Protection of Women against violence Bill 2015”, passed by the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday, in contradiction to

No reason why blasphemy law can’t be improved – Pakistan Supreme Court

(By NASIR IQBAL) The Supreme Court has held that a call for improvements in the blasphemy law in order to provide safeguards against its

Pakistan’s inconsistent blasphemy laws

BY REEMA OMER PAKISTAN’S blasphemy laws are inconsistent with a number of human rights including freedom of expression; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; and

Role of media critical in war on terror

A parliamentary panel on Tuesday discussed wartime recommendations for the media to counter the narrative of extremists and terrorists in the country, while proposing