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Lal Singh’s remarks reopen a dark chapter in Kashmir’s history

(By Arshi Javaid) Seldom discussed or even remembered, thousands of Muslims were massacred in the region in 1947. Earlier this week, Jammu and Kashmir

Indian Muslims face discrimination when looking for property

(By Kenan Machado) Striking variations found in treatment of people of Muslim faith. Researchers who used assumed identities and tried to rent homes in and

Pakistaani Startup ProCheck, helps people detect fake meds

(BY SAMAR WARSI) Kinza Waseem, a doctor at the Combined Military Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, often sees patients who’ve unknowingly taken counterfeit drugs instead

From the ugliness of terrorism comes out the beauty of humanity

Pakistan has too often witnessed the devastating ugliness of terrorism. A country once completely safe, where children could go to schools, playgrounds, ride their

How West is successfully helping ISIS

The promise of the “global war on terror” was that “it was better to fight them there than here.” That promise brought mass violence to