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Kashmir freedom movement in India back with a bang

For the first time in more than 25 years of conflict in Indian-administered Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir police on 18 February issued what

Spoilt rotten: Sayeen tau Sayeen, Sayeen ki beti bhe Sayeen

After 64 years of independence, the majority of Pakistanis are still living under the weight of oppression and inequality. A traffic violation, robbery or even

Lacking logic

By Yaqoob Khan Bangash I have been back and teaching in Pakistan for a year now and one thing which I have noticed repeatedly is

One vote: one step closer

The state of affairs in Pakistan does not permit its residents to remain aloof from politics. Insecurity and job instability in a country with

Pakistan’s two cents to the Higgs Boson Particle

KARACHI: Few Pakistanis know what the Higgs boson is and even fewer realise that some of the earliest theoretical groundwork that led to this discovery