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Taxation and Representation: The Unfortunate System in Pakistan

No country can stand up on its own proverbial feet – and actually consider itself independent and sovereign – unless it is able to

Introducing the Android game Angry Imran

As calm as he may look on the outside, an ‘angry’ Imran Khan has set out to kick out politicians from Pakistan. A newly

The Real Reason for the Decline of the Muslim World

By Zaki Malik The following figures are indicative of the fact that Muslims are the least educated people in the world and we are

Younis Habib admits being coerced by Ghulam Ishaq and Aslam Beg to arrange Rs. 340 million

A frail-looking Younus Habib, who headed the now defunct Mehran Bank, spilled the beans in the Mehrangate-IJI case on Thursday when he revealed in

Getting Facts Straight

Targeted killing of Hazara has continued for last 12 years. It has not only been ignored by successive governments and security officials but by