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Over 90 million Pakistanis have food insecurity

By Maha Mussadaq With figures of malnutrition rising every year, 50% of Pakistan’s population remains food insecure, according to the UN World Food Program (WFP).

Are We a Nation in Denial?

Amidst chaos once more; this time the people are better prepared, but perhaps only mentally. It seems like the Pakistani Society (especially the youth) has

Political Judicialism

Constitutional question marks in the electoral politics of Pakistan punctuated with judicial interpretation are perennial. Pakistan’s legislature rather than redress the issues has always

Let children slay boredom by themselves

One of the most powerful parenting techniques is having faith in your child’s ability to resolve a problem. This is especially true around the

Plight of Pakistani Hajis

By Syed Ijaz Pakistan Observer It is embarrassing for Pakistani expatriates to read about the plight of poor Pakistani Hajis, who have been ripped