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Protective Rights for Women

AFTER seemingly glacial progress towards legislation dealing with violence against women, Punjab has surprised many by enacting, in some respects, perhaps the most comprehensive

LG Polls: Punjab, Sindh go to PML-N and PPP

Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are leading with thumping majority in the first phase of Local Government elections in Punjab

Digitalization of records offshoots

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Punjab has started digitalisation of all its records, The News has learnt. It is learnt that the United Nations

Why Kalabagh Dam is critical for Pakistan

LAHORE – The population of Pakistan will be around 230 million by 2025 and if natural resources were not utilized properly the country could

More than 70 killed in country-wide floods

Torrential monsoon rains and ensuing flooding of rivers and rainwater drains continued to wreak havoc across the country, washing away houses, crops and installations