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5 Women speak on dressing up modestly at the beach

(By Carmen Fishwick and Guardian readers) France’s burkini bans have put what women wear under scrutiny. Five Muslim women tell us why they choose

Burkini gives women freedom

(By Aheda Zanetti) The burkini does not symbolise Islam, it symbolises leisure and happiness and fitness and health. So who is better, the Taliban or

A society as desired by the Divine

(By Aslam Abdullah) People often talk about an ideal society based on their values, religious or otherwise. Jews talk about an ideal society where

Nigeria’s film industry, inside story

(By Femke van Zeijl)With the women who are challenging society’s expectations and making the industry thrive. Fatima is sitting on the queen-size bed next

Analyzing Epilepsy

The earliest cases of epilepsy originate with in Babylonians about 5th Century BC. They supposed it to be initiated by the presence of demons