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The connection between ISIS and US-led coalition

(By Sharmine Narwani) It’s been a bad time for foes of ISIS. Islamic State scored a neat hat-trick by invading strategic Ramadi in Iraq’s mainly

Rimsha Masih in prison for her own safety

Pakistani police blocked a bail request for the minor who reportedly suffers from Down’s syndrome, claiming her release would endanger her life and that

Disputed design of religion

ISLAMABAD — Last week, a group of police officers in the eastern city of Lahore visited a mosque run by Ahmadis, a minority Muslim

Headless Chicken Syndrome

A mob is only as smart as its dimmest member. If the political discourse is anything to go by,our society is under attack from

The difference between secularism and secularisation

To build a universal definition of secularism, we must first understand its complex historical relationship with secularisation The question: What is secularism? What is the