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The equator may just be a disk of dark matter

Our planet Earth may have a disc of dark matter around the equator, according to a new study that analysed data from GPS satellites.

Apple vs Google: Mobile map wars

By QUENTIN HARDY SAN FRANCISCO — Get ready for the mobile map wars. For many people, phones have become an important way to navigate

FB opening a ‘below 13’ option

Such a move would be controversial, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, as many parents of older children already worry about the possibility for

Apple denies price fixing charges

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple on Thursday denied a charge that it schemed with publishers to hike prices for e-books, portraying itself as a hero for prying Amazon’s

iPad 3: Expected to be faster

Apple is holding an event Wednesday in San Francisco, and has hinted that it will reveal a new iPad model. Rumors speak of an