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Korea’s battle with MERS

SOME diseases cause political as well as health problems—and so it is with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea. Nine people have

The idealist utopia, crushing Asian children

Bollywood’s biggest international success, after many expensive and absurd attempts to break through abroad, was the 2009 film “3 Idiots.” Based on a novel

Teetering on feeble roots

The age old rhetoric of our glorious past and abysmal present is taught in rote to everyone: from the child in grade five who

Pakistan Hockey team sets out to win Olympics

By Raheel Hanif Pakistan start their genuine medal quest to appear on the medals table today (Saturday) when hockey team kicks off their Olympics campaign

Pakistan loses to Malaysia in Junior Asia Cup

Malaysia beat three-time champions Pakistan in the final to clinch their first junior Asia Cup title in 20 years in Malacca, Malaysia. Faisal Saari