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Pakistan wins 10 medals at Asian Championship

By Natasha Raheel KARACHI: Pakistan secured a total of 10 medals at the fourth Asian Championship for Ju-Jitsu and Belt Wrestling Sports to cap off an

Why can’t Pakistan win

Prof Farakh A Khan  Pakistan’s 180 million people drew a massive zero in the Olympics. Since 1996 Atlanta Olympics in the last five meets

McDonalds loses fries monopoly in London Olympics

In recent days the Olympic committee has overturned its policy supporting a McDonald’s monopoly on selling fries at the London Games this summer.

Political disputes jeopardize Pakistan’s participation in Olympics

The head of the Pakistan national Olympic association has said that ill-planned policies of the government sports authorities could well lead to the isolation

Aleem Dar becomes the first Asian to umpire most cricket matches

Three times International Cricket Council (ICC) Umpire of the Year winner, Pakistan’s Aleem Dar achieved yet another landmark by officiating the most number of